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  • The American Revolution, 1776The American Revolution, 1776

    Tarshis, Lauren.

    Eleven-year-old Nathaniel Knox becomes caught up in a gunfight between American and British troops during the American Revolution.

  • Escape from the great earthquakeEscape from the great earthquake

    Messner, Kate, author.

    This time Ranger, the time-traveling Golden retriever, finds himself in San Francisco in the middle of the great 1906 earthquake, and his mission is obviously to get a young Chinese immigrant, Lily Chen, to safety, but as they make their way through the ruined and burning city Ranger finds that he must also accomplish something else, finding Lily, who was sold as a servant by her parents, a new family who will care for her.

  • Spy ski schoolSpy ski school : a Spy school novel

    Gibbs, Stuart, 1969- author.

    Twelve-year-old Ben's unexpected success outside the classroom causes the CIA to activate him for a mission to become friends with Jessica Shang, daughter of a suspected Chinese crime boss.

  • Tales from a not-so-secret crush catastropheTales from a not-so-secret crush catastrophe

    Russell, Rachel Renee, author.

    As Nikki plans how she's going to spend her summer, things get more complicated after she starts hanging out with a visiting student.

  • Who Was Alexander Hamilton?Who Was Alexander Hamilton?

    Pollack, Pam & Belviso, Meg, 2017.

  • Who was Dr. Seuss?Who was Dr. Seuss?

    Pascal, Janet B.

    Ted Geisel loved to doodle from the time he was a kid. He had an offbeat, fun-loving personality. He often threw dinner parties where guests wore outrageous hats! And he donned quirky hats when thinking up ideas for books like his classic The Cat in the Hat.

  • Knots in my yo-yo string: the autobiography of a kidKnots in my yo-yo string: the autobiography of a kid

    Spinelli, Jerry.

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